Enhance your Software Development with a CI/CD Approach

How much do you spend on software development per year? Chances are it’s high six-figures if not more. Developers are expensive and time-to-market can be cripplingly slow. Touchstone Security offers a revolutionary cloud based continuous integration and continuous development (CI/CD) offering that can allow you to dramatically increase productivity. Our team will work with you to:

  • Automate your environment using Amazon Web Services
  • Save substantial amounts of money on software development
  • Streamline the development pipeline
  • Graduate deployments with automatic rollback and inciteful debugging
  • Automate unit testing
  • Decrease bug complexity and downtime
  • Increase feature time to market
  • Improve application metrics

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Development made Smarter

Utilizing a CI/CD approach saves time, money, and enables developers with tools industry leaders require. At Touchstone, we embrace automation. Our CI/CD offering is a suite of customizable templates. During each engagement we take the time to understand your current development pipeline, requirements, and goals. We then work closely with your development team to strategize updates. The end product will effectively use cloud technologies, and customized automation templates.

Touchstone was amazing to work with! We had some issues with our systems and integration of new programs. We felt that the security of our systems was not up to the best standards. The CEO, Richard Shinnick, personally came over and evaluated our systems. He was able to pinpoint the holes in our systems immediately and fix any potential issues before they ever happened. One of the best IT Firms I have ever worked with. Thank you Touchstone!

Ameen Nassiri, SPS Worldwide LLC

Rich and his team are remarkable. While at Columbia University Teachers College, they helped us plan/implement several large scale projects including ubiquitous wireless deployment and a firewall implementation. Rich has an extensive IT background and is an all around great guy to work with. I recommended that we bring his team in at St. John’s as well. They were able to come in, assess the situation, and provide the same fantastic results. I highly recommend Rich and his team.

Elise Lowenstein, Columbia University

Rich brings solid IT security experience along with immense integrity in the work he has performed for IntegraMed. All of his projects were completed on time and within budget. His track record of delivering reliable concept to reality projects under the pressures of a high availability and heavily compliant environments precedes him. I endorse Rich personally and professionally and look forward to working with him again on future projects.

Vijay Reddy, IntegraMed America

Rich is deeply technical and very thorough, but most of all he is a very honest person. He can make any technical jargon simply to understand in layman terms and help you understand what he is proposing so all know the benefits that is being recommended and implemented. I would work with Richard again on any project initiative that I maybe involved in the future.

Clive Fernando, PNC

We needed a security sharpshooter to assist with responding to the stringent requirements of a major academic healthcare system based on a comprehensive audit of our platform. Touchstone expertly facilitated our response and created the missing programs and policies necessary to satisfy our needs.

Kenny Schiff, Caresight, Inc.

Touchstone Security specialists completely blew away our most experienced and technically strong managers and some of our best people in infrastructure and security. Richard was in their words “a perfect 10.” He not only addressed the issues we asked him to look at but identified other areas of improvement in our security posture. Our team rated them “a perfect 10”!

Michael Ferranti, BuyerGenomics

Our Approach to Implementing CI/CD

Touchstone Security’s world-class cloud engineers will work with you to understand AWS. Our approach demystifies modern development methodologies, for example the fail fast approach. AWS eliminates overhead and cost. Options can be rapidly tested and vetted instead of creating management bottlenecks in product and feature adoption.

Infrastructure as code enables developers to control the environment and products through repositories. Updates automatically trigger testing. Depending on the outcome, a manual or automatic approval process can authorize multiple deployment schemes. From all at once, to canary, to one at a time, CI/CD allows granular deployments to permit further product vetting. Near constant upgrades are possible as the pipeline enables developers with real time deployment and feedback.

More frequent deployments means less problems. Bugs exponentiate in difficultly with product and feature sizes. Enabling smaller releases increases quality through stepped testing ensuring each layer of a feature is more robust.

Finding a cloud development solution that works for your business is tough. Most offerings on the market consist of a set of rebranded tools resold at exorbitant prices. Touchstone Security is different. We will work with you to create a flexible, streamlined CI/CD System that integrates directly with your business objectives and reduces costs. Our team has experience helping clients across the U.S. build robust and scalable cloud environments.


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