What Are Firewall Management Services?

Every company should invest in an effective and efficient firewall. Firewalls sit at the network perimeter and block or allow IP addresses and network connections based on a set of pre-configured rules. In many cases, malicious actors will use the same IP address or the same range of IP addresses to launch attacks against tens of thousands of private and government entities.

Touchstone Security’s Firewall Management service enables you to stay one step ahead of attackers. We actively monitor your firewall and update it in near real-time against existing and emerging threats. We compare network traffic against real-time threat feeds across multiple sources and automatically add new firewall rules based on threat intelligence.

Keeping your firewall updated allows you to stay ahead of malicious actors and prevent cyberattacks before they breach your network and data. Touchstone Security offers world-class firewall management backed by a team of military-trained and highly experienced security analysts. 

Firewall Management Services can help you:

  • Prevent cyberattacks
  • Maintain network integrity
  • Make use of existing security infrastructure
  • Add an additional layer of security 
  • Prevent ransomware attacks
  • Stop emerging threats before they reach your network

Experienced Cybersecurity Professionals to Help Manage Your Firewall and Network Perimeter

Touchstone Security employs world-class security engineers with experience doing work for the U.S. Army, Goldman Sachs, 92Y, and other Fortune 500 organizations. Our team has worked with organizations around the world and understands exactly what it takes to secure networks. 

Firewalls can be complex, and emerging cyber threats can be even more complicated. It takes a trusted team of cybersecurity professionals to effectively manage network perimeter and firewall security. Touchstone Security has decades of experience in handling security incidents, reducing customer risk, and designing streamlined and cost-effective strategies for small business and enterprise organizations to design and implement security controls. 

Additional Firewall Services

Many organizations are just now beginning to realize how important cybersecurity is. If you don’t have a firewall, Touchstone Security offers a free consultation where we can guide you on what is appropriate for your business based on size, industry, and additional contextual factors. Most organizations require a firewall and active firewall management, but some require additional layered security controls.

If you are just starting your information security journey, contact us today and our trusted team of information security specialists will help guide you through setting up your initial information security controls, applying technical controls such as firewall management, and any additional help you may require. 


Touchstone Security’s Unique Approach to Firewall Management

Touchstone Security has architected a custom firewall management solution designed to prevent cyberattacks and automatically detect threats for our customers. Our initial approach involves a seasoned security professional evaluating current firewall controls and access. We then set up our custom management solution which enables us to automatically compare traffic against known bad IP’s and domains to block high-risk incoming connections.


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