What is Dark Web Monitoring?

In the seedy corners of the internet, on difficult-to-find dark web pages and deep web forums, identity thieves and cybercriminals can purchase and sell your personal details. Dark Web Monitoring scans the dark web for your personal data and notifies you if it is discovered. The dark web is different from the surface web because you cannot access these sites with a normal web browser or search engine. The dark web is a subset of the internet where privacy is cherished and criminal activity will flourish. Cybercriminals will meet anonymously on the dark web to buy and sell information illegally, much like two people meeting in a dark alley to trade cash for stolen merchandise.

Cybercriminals often obtain your personal data from data breaches by large companies. With this information they can gain access to your:

  • Bank account information including bank account numbers
  • Social security number
  • IP Address
  • Credit card numbers
  • Passport number
  • Debit card numbers
  • Financial information
  • Driver’s license number
  • Credit reports
  • Phone number
  • Email accounts

Your Personal Data could be on the Dark Web

These cybercriminals often engage in criminal activity like credit card scams, phishing scams, social engineering scams, identity theft and more by selling your personal data on the dark web. Law enforcement unfortunately does not have the time or resources to track down these examples of cybercrime.

What is Dark Web Monitoring Powered by Touchstone Security?

Dark Web Monitoring is a tool that looks for your knowledge on the dark web in areas where it is traded and exchanged on a daily basis by cybercriminals. You will be notified if your details are detected on the Dark Web. Using real time threat intelligence and best in class cybersecurity tools our team will search dark web forums, tor, search engines, chat rooms and dark web sites for your information. We will notify you as soon as we find your personal data on any of these dark web sites or dark web forums during a dark web scan.

Using Dark Web Monitoring to stop cybercriminals

Companies looking to secure client and employee data often invest in dark network security software to notify them if their stolen data is being advertised or traded on dark web sites, since they are unable to do so on their own. In many cases, employees reuse passwords across both their business and personal lives. This can leave critical business accounts vulnerable to a account takeover accounts if that employees information is compromised.

Dark web monitoring from Touchstone Security offers your organization and employees; identity theft protection, real time threat intelligence and cybersecurity monitoring for all your personal data. The trick to protect against identity theft is to spot data breach vulnerabilities early on, before hackers get a chance to exploit them. Touchstone analysts monitor criminal communities on the dark web to obtain early access to breach records, allowing companies to reset compromised accounts and avoid account takeover.

How do you take action if you don’t know there’s a problem?

Dark Web Monitoring from Touchstone Security allows you to become conscious and take steps towards remediation If your information has been discovered on the dark web.

If your email address or account number is discovered on the dark web, for example, you can change the password you use to log into the account to a different, unique, and more complex password.

Touchstone Dark Web Monitoring Can Help

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