Malware Removal Services

Malware attacks impact thousands of businesses, nonprofits, and government entities every week. Without the proper expertise, recovering from a malware infection can be extremely difficult. It can take weeks to complete the malware threat removal if the malware is not caught in time. Touchstone Security is a cybersecurity company that can help you recover from a malware infection and restore your operating systems and internet security to full capacity quickly. There are many types of malware including ransomware, spyware, trojans, adware, keyloggers, malicious software, computer virus, and more. Malware can infect many devices including your endpoint devices like iPhone, iOS, Microsoft, Android, laptops, and other devices. You need a malware removal company with malware removal tools that you can trust. Touchstone is here to help in real-time and get your network back to business quickly.

How do I know if I have a malware infection?

  • Search results hijacked to different websites.
  • Missing windows menus and options.
  • One or more computers experiencing the blue screen of death error.
  • Frequent program crashes and random restarts.
  • The antivirus program is disabled for no reason.
  • Unable to access “Task Manager”.
  • Your computer runs more slowly than usual.
  • Unstable computer & frequent errors.
  • The Internet homepage or main browser changed.
  • Mac / Windows updates & firewall is disabled.
  • Fake anti-virus programs appear out of nowhere.
  • The computer stops responding or locks up often.

How can I recover from a malware infection?

Touchstone Cybersecurity experts will examine your systems for signs of a malware infection and ensure next-generation antivirus software is installed. If not, we will begin the installation for all of your devices and work to remove any viruses and malware from your IT systems. Untrained users can easily expose their computers to malware infections by simply clicking on a pop-up. One infected computer can quickly spread malware to all of the devices on your network.

Malware Detection

After examining the network we begin the cleanup process of our repair service and work to quickly restore your computer services back to normal. Touchstone Security can help your business recover from a malware infection and provide security awareness training, antivirus software, and cybersecurity protection to reduce the risk of future attacks against your network. Touchstone Security offers best-in-class security software with real-time protection against malware, spyware, ransomware, and other security threats.

Best Malware Removal and Recovery Services

We bring decades of IT and cybersecurity experience to the table. Our team has implemented sophisticated IT services programs for numerous Fortune 100 companies and U.S. government agencies. We have extensive experience in identifying, responding to, and remediating cybersecurity incidents for both small businesses and enterprises. When your business is on the line and needs to remove malware quickly we are a team you can trust. We will quickly jump in and do everything we can to get your business back online as soon as possible. Touchstone Security specializes in ransomware removal and spyware removal. Our professional malware removal New Jersey experts understand the importance of having a clean computer and network.

Anti-Malware Tools

An effective malware removal software and anti-malware tool should consistently prevent malware infections from your network and endpoint devices and remove malware from unprotected devices. Although using a VPN can help reduce the possibility of malware infections on your devices, it cannot guarantee complete security. If your device has a malware infection we recommend you use a malware removal tool and anti-malware tool to remediate the infection.


Malwarebytes is an anti-malware tool and malware scanner updated daily to stay on top of the latest malware threats. Malwarebytes offers a 14-day free trial of their premium software to first-time users. This premium edition offers real-time scanning tools, ransomware protection, adware protection, and more preventative tools. Malwarebytes is a popular anti-malware software that offers a full security suite of top-notch security tools.

Malware Removal Specialists

Our team works with businesses across the U.S. to reduce downtime, improve efficiency, remove malware and increase security. Many managed services providers have no cybersecurity experience. We are different. Our team of IT and cybersecurity professionals and malware removal specialists can help you build a robust and efficient IT infrastructure securely. Touchstone Security offers responsive and communicative IT support staff who can help your company with all of your IT, cybersecurity, and compliance needs. We offer fully managed services, consulting services, and managed security services. Business IT needs grow more complex every year. Contact us today to find out how we can help meet all of your IT services, malware removal, and malware protection needs.

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