Passwordless Authentication represents a new era for cybersecurity. Poorly configured passwords cause vast numbers of data breaches. In addition, lost passwords cost companies incredible amounts of money as users cannot log in to critical applications. While tools such as multi-factor Authentication have reduced cyber attacks, passwordless architecture promises organizations enormous opportunity to enable their employees to improve productivity while simultaneously reducing the risk of data breaches. Touchstone Security is proud to offer a Passwordless Solution to help our customers secure their networks, improve employee user experience, and reduce errors in application access. Please fill out the email form below, and we are happy to provide a free quote.

Why Passwordless Authentication?

Passwords are bad. It’s as simple as that. In 2019 a stunning 80% of data breaches were caused by passwords, in addition, 59% of people admit to reusing passwords even though they know it’s bad for security. Passwordless Authentication Technologies allow companies the opportunity to improve Authentication into business-critical technologies, improve security, and reduce the costs associated with lost passwords.

While some organizations have found great success using password managers. Others have found that password-based Authentication still falls short in many respects. For example, password managers themselves typically only require a password-based authentication process. This leaves them vulnerable to a single point of failure in which an attacker just needs to guess one password to gain access to numerous user accounts. While this can work for some organizations, those that deal with large amounts of sensitive information (such as PHI) are even more vulnerable to compromise. In addition, highly regulated organizations may run afoul of important regulatory provisions that affect their business. 

Passwordless Architectures prevent this problem by incorporating strong authentication factors such as biometric Authentication (what you are) with hardware-based Authentication (what you have). These additional layers of security dramatically reduce the risk of your organization suffering a data breach. True Passwordless Authentication represents an additional critical layer of security at a very low cost compared to other cybersecurity solutions. 

Passwordless Authentication is going Mainstream

Passwordless Authentication is no longer a new technology. Microsoft reports that over 150 million user accounts now use authentication methods that dispense entirely with passwords (including more than 90% of their own employees). Meanwhile, polls show that more than 92% of organizations believe that Passwordless Authentication Methods represent the future of cybersecurity. 

As more organizations add additional layers of security and improve their security posture, it makes organizations using password-based Authentication more vulnerable. Hackers tend to focus on easy targets, which means organizations with poor security measures in place become more vulnerable as their competitors improve their security measures. Humans are always the weakest link in any cybersecurity program, and a robust Passwordless Authentication solution can dramatically reduce the risk of human error. 

Touchstone Security’s Passwordless Authentication Solution

Touchstone Security firmly believes that the future of security involves frictionless, high-value security tools focused around strong authentication methods. Device-based Authentication when coupled with biometric authentication provides users an easy, secure authentication experience without the many hassles of remembering hundreds of passwords across dozens of accounts. Our Passwordless platform includes:

  • Easy integrations into hundreds of commonly used corporate applications
  • Zero-Trust Technology, we don’t collect or use your PII
  • Compliant with most common regulations including GDPR, CCPA and other data privacy and security laws
  • Hardware-based Method of Authentication
  • Differing levels of security based on compliance and data protection needs
  • Integrates with existing Single Sign-on (SSO) technologies 
  • Cost-Effective Proof of Identity Solution that rolls out in minutes to nearly any environment

Passwordless Authentication that Simply Works

Touchstone Security provides organizations a Passwordless Authentication Solution that integrates into their existing technology, rolls out in minutes, and is compliant with most regulations. We’re happy to provide a free quote to you for a true passwordless security solution. 

Finding a cybersecurity solution that works for your business is tough. Most offerings on the market consist of a set of rebranded tools resold at exorbitant prices. Touchstone Security is different. We will work with you to create a flexible, streamlined cybersecurity program that integrates directly with your business and provides concrete, measurable security. Our team has experience designing, implementing, and managing cybersecurity programs for dozens of Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and businesses around the world.

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