Touchstone Secure™ Office 365 Protection

Microsoft Office 365 is the #1 target for cyber attacks

Microsoft Office isn’t just a program – Office 365 is an entire cloud environment. It is the most widely used enterprise cloud service in the world, boasting more than 70 million active users. However, most companies don’t realize that Office 365 does not inherently include security. In fact, Microsoft offers a free tool to evaluate the security posture of Office environments with a score. The majority of Office environments score below 50 out of 700.

TouchstoneSecure™ 365 can help. Our service provides a full audit of your Office environment and consults with your key internal stakeholders to remediate vulnerabilities and ensure your infrastructure is as secure as possible. We are one of the few companies in the industry to guarantee of a Microsoft Security score of 300 or higher.

TouchstoneSecure Office 365 Protection provides military-grade cybersecurity and can help to prevent:





And more cyber attacks

A 2019 survey showed that 43% of all cyber attacks target small businesses.

It also found that 60% of small businesses close 6 months after a cyber attack.

Our 6 Pronged Approach

Securing Office environments is more critical now than ever before. The rate of cyber attacks continues to rise for small and mid-sized businesses. TouchstoneSecure™ 365 can help secure your Office 365 environment and help prevent devastating cyber attacks to your business through a 6 pronged approach.

Office 365 Protection Wheel
Security Management
  • Geographic and device-level cloud access controls
  • Access logging for all accounts
  • Secure desktop configuration
Threat Protection
  • Improve visibility and analytics to combat cloud cyber threats
  • Implement alerts, controls and improved authentication
  • Secure Administrator accounts and SharePoint System
Identity and Access Management
  • Utilize Azure Active Directory Identity Protection features
  • Enforce security with access controls and authentication protocols
  • Sanction access based upon configurable criteria
Federated Identity Environments
  • Enable and enforce Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
  • Implement a set of conditional access and related policies
  • Improve access visibility and internal access protocols
Information Protection
  • Enable information protection features
  • Implement data monitoring tools and loss prevention policies
  • Configure data access and management privileges
Compliance and Best Practices
  • Check compliance status on a variety of platforms
  • Maintain compliance for GDPR, NIST, FINRA, HIPAA and others
  • Create enhanced security and compliance posture in the cloud

Benefits of Protecting Office 365 Environments

office with computers

You can rest easy knowing that military trained experts are helping to protect your Office 365 environment. Contact us for a free Office 365 evaluation and estimate. We can guide you through learning where you are and help you get where you need to be. With Touchstone Security, your Office 365 environment will be at dramatically less risk from phishing attacks, ransomware, malware, and other cyber attacks. If your Office 365 environment has been the victim of a Ransomware attack, contact us immediately. Our Ransomware Data Recovery professionals are standing by and ready to help

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