TouchstoneCloud™ Cloud Migration Services

Migrating to the cloud can feel overwhelming. There are stability concerns, cost concerns, and most importantly security concerns. The Touchstone Security team can help alleviate those concerns and prepare your businesses to migrate to the cloud. We offer fully managed cloud migration services.

For many clients, a successful cloud migration reduces cost, improves scalability, and significantly reduces the risk of a cyber incident that could derail your business.

Touchstone’s proven method for cloud migration services brings your business to the cloud with little to no downtime.

That means you get all of the benefits of the cloud without business interruption. Each cloud migration is organized by our team of world-class engineers with experience in the U.S. Air Force, NSA, and Large Enterprise environments. Our cloud migration services can increase efficiency, decrease cost, and improve reliability. Many organizations that have migrated to AWS see cost savings of 30% or more compared to on-premise solutions.

cloud migration server room

TouchstoneCloud™ Cloud Migration Services is built on five key pillars

Optimized Design

Advanced Security

High Availability

Improved Resiliency


Our Cloud Migration Services consist of 8 Phases

1. Discovery

Our Touchstone networking experts will hold meetings with your team to determine the scope of the project. We will then use next-generation mapping and probing utilities to diagram your IT assets and begin preparation for the next phase of the process.

2. Assessment

First, the Touchstone team will perform an evaluation to identify and work around any potential constraints such as security, cost, or compliance. We offer our clients the option of next-generation scanning services, segmentation software, and existing infrastructure evaluation to ensure the transition is streamlined and effective.

3. Design

We produce an environment map to help determine the most effective cloud migration strategy. Then, we can assess what can easily be refactored with the least effort to act as a direct replacement.

4. Implementation

During the implementation phase, the Touchstone team works to rapidly and efficiently implement the design with key client stakeholders. We then engage in extensive alpha testing and beta testing before the production cutover.

5. Documentation

The final phase of the cloud migration process is complete once the design and the original environment evaluation is finished by both the client and Touchstone. Changesets are performed on the environment including diagrams and documentation from our experts so your team can assure proper delivery and documentation.

6. Management (Optional)

We offer our client’s a fully compliant management solution so they can focus on running their business without the hassle of managing IT assets in the cloud.

7. Refactoring (Optional)

You may request work to be executed to enhance your cloud stance. Our experts can perform refactoring which focuses on gradually going serverless to lower operational costs so that the overall infrastructure costs less.

8. Consulting (Optional)

We can offer evaluations on the current state of the cloud and your company’s posture. We can plan a means to upgrade an environment and help you reach compliance. Finally, our team of cloud experts can discuss any other needs you may have.

Cloud migrations are tough. You need a team you can count on to manage it every step of the way.

Touchstone Security will work closely with your team to ensure that your migration goes smoothly and efficiently. For every project we take on we aim to create long term relationships that last for years. For a free cloud migration assessment and quote please contact us at the link below.

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