Microsegmentation is a Critical Line of Defense

Microsegmentation is a key part of any effective cybersecurity toolkit today. Without it, attackers have an easier time moving quickly and laterally through your system. By segmenting your infrastructure by application, environment type, and tier, our approach goes many steps beyond the less robust network layer controls that many companies employ. The Touchstone approach provides an additional safeguard to boost to your overall security, and can also help ensure that you are meeting compliance requirements.  

Benefits of Microsegmentation

With Touchstone Security, you can be certain that your network security is more effective through the enhanced granularity provided by our software. By generating a range of sub-networks, we stop potential lateral movements of cyberattacks from sweeping through your entire system. The method of physically segregating your network components is outdated, does not provide enough security, and may not meet current compliance requirements. Modern data centers require the segmentation of your assets to ensure top-notch security. Data centers are more complex nowadays, which creates a need for more flexible and granular security. Touchstone provides a critical line of defense to you through our process of micro segmentation.

The 4 Microsegmentation Lines of Defense

Lateral Security

Our approach employs lateral security to prevent cyberattacks from escalating. Even if an attacker penetrated one facet of your environment, the attack would be impeded from moving across your environment and taking root elsewhere. This is a massive security advantage, especially amid today’s increasingly complex network and application environments. 


The superior visibility our software provides enables a clear visual depiction of your applications and workloads, leaving you less worried about missing vital details. The enhanced visibility of traffic flow we provide makes it easier for us to see how your various applications and systems are communicating, and thereby much easier to detect any indicators of abnormal activity.


Our software-based approach fine-tunes itself to your applications and workloads. This circumvents the issues you might encounter with a more traditional one-size-fits-all policy engine that is less granular and has a higher risk of missing blind spots across your network. We create a “map” of your custom environment that clearly shows how everything is connected and communicating. Any disruption to this constellation becomes quickly apparent and visible to us, so we can take immediate steps to mitigate a potential breach. 


Today’s evolving data centers, particularly with the shift to cloud computing, require a security approach that reflects these changes. Touchstone’s approach operates reliably across cloud service providers. Our approach also enables flexible labeling of your assets, which is critical in order to provide accurate labeling that aligns with your custom environment. When your labels are accurate and organized, we can better understand how your systems are communicating. This allows us to detect potential threats when an application outside of your labels appears. 

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