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A risk assessment is a framework for identifying, assessing, and prioritizing operational risk essential to any risk management program. A systematic risk management process offers a constructive rather than reactive risk management process. If you have the time to foresee a possible security breach and fix the potential negative consequences, there’s a good chance you’ll succeed and save your company from organizational and reputational harm.

Touchstone Security conducts risk assessments in accordance with industry-standard NIST Special Publication 800-30. Risk assessments are designed to start a thinking process around the organization’s weaknesses and threats, as well as prepare you for the different criteria you’ll face. Conducting a risk assessment, determining threats, determining the importance and probability of risks, developing a risk management strategy, and then putting the plan into action is all part of a risk assessment.

Understanding, monitoring, tracking, and minimizing cyber risk in your company is the aim of a Touchstone Security cybersecurity risk assessment. It’s an essential part of every company’s risk control policy and data security activities. Touchstone Security uses the National Institute of Standards (NIST) cybersecurity architecture to provide a foundation for best practice risk assessments.

What is Risk Management? 

Risk management is the process of assessing, mitigating, and tracking the threats that a company faces. Information security risk management is a key component of the enterprise risk management process and risk assessment process, which includes assessing the institution’s information security risks and determining appropriate management actions and priorities for managing and implementing controls for risk mitigation.

What is a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment? 

Risk assessments are a systematic process for identifying the flaws and risks that could compromise a company’s network security and the safeguards to minimize those threats. Our risk assessment follows the approach outlined in NIST Special Publications 800-37, 800-30, 800-53, and 800-171. It is intended to provide executives with an assessment of information security vulnerabilities in a manner that allows for quick decision-making with due diligence.

You will get a better view of where your assets are and what possible risks there are by doing structured risk assessments of your security posture regularly. This is why most information systems management practices demand an annual risk review that is formally reported. Risk assessments allow you to measure the likelihood and effects of such attacks, as well as review the existing security controls to see if what you’re doing is going to be enough to protect you from a malicious attack.

Risk assessments will also aid in implementing information security’s three pillars: confidentaility, integrity, and availability. Unauthorized disclosure of proprietary information can have a wide variety of consequences, from jeopardizing national security to exposing data protected by the Privacy Act. Continued use of the infected device or compromised data may result in inaccuracy, theft, or other potential risks if the lack of system or data integrity is not reversed. The organization’s mission can be jeopardized if a mission-critical IT device is inaccessible to its end users.

What Are the Advantages of a Risk Assessment?

A risk assessment will help you avoid future losses due to human error, theft, inefficiency, failure to comply with regulatory requirements, and other acts that may damage your company. A risk assessment could be the right choice for you if your company has ever asked these questions:

  • How can we spot emerging risks in our IT systems and get ahead of them?
  • Have we given enough thought to the possibility of our company goals being jeopardized?
  • What could possibly go wrong?
  • What are the consequences if anything goes wrong?
  • How likely is a breach? 
  • What can be done to reduce the IT risk?
  • What steps will we take to mitigate the risk? 

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Our Approach and Methodology

A risk assessment can help companies of any scale, regardless of their protection sophistication level. It can be a road map to more effective program development for smaller organizations. However, increased risk comes with increased progress, so don’t let your organization get caught off balance. Risk assessments are also required by several laws and compliance requirements including, GDPR, PCI, and HIPAA. 

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