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Adware: The Basics

What is Adware? Adware is a form of malicious software installed on your computer, laptop or cell phone that displays unwanted advertisements on your device. Adware commonly presents in the form of popups but it can also install unwanted toolbars on your computer's internet browser or even change your browser settings and homepage. It can also place spyware on your ...

2021-04-08T13:44:11-04:00April 8th, 2021|

How to Prevent Ransomware: The Definitive Guide

Ransomware is becoming a more serious threat to companies all around the world. This guide from Touchstone Security will define what ransomware is and why the proliferation of ransomware is placing many businesses at risk. This increased risk isn't due to an especially dangerous modern variant of coding. Instead, it’s because ransomware is now much more available than it has ever ...

2021-03-30T17:51:51-04:00March 30th, 2021|

Cybersecurity Basics: What is Spyware?

What is Spyware? With today’s massive shift to remote work, organizations have to be acutely aware of the new and ever-evolving threat landscape that poses new risks and vulnerabilities to the security of an organization’s sensitive information. Many organizations may be unaware, but one of the primary vulnerabilities malicious entities target to gain access to an organization is the organization’s ...

2021-03-18T06:49:26-04:00March 18th, 2021|

Cybersecurity Threats: What you need to know in 2021

Cybersecurity Threats 2021 Today, organizations are faced with incredible challenges when it comes to protecting their sensitive information and intellectual property. Through data breaches and other malicious activity, organizations are losing massive amounts of sensitive data and suffering financial losses on the order of billions globally. Even with the advanced data security measures and data protection strategies that we have access ...

2021-03-12T16:12:02-05:00March 12th, 2021|

Cloud Cybersecurity: What you need to Know

Cloud Cybersecurity The migration into public cloud computing is on the rise. Over the past five to ten years, the public cloud has grown on average around 20% year-over-year with a projected growth of 27 percent in 2021. This incredible growth has proven that the public cloud is going to continue to be a major component of today’s businesses. And the value ...

2021-03-04T13:28:35-05:00March 4th, 2021|

Risk Matrix: What you need to Know

What is a Risk Matrix? A risk matrix is a risk assessment tool that is used to visualize the likelihood of a risk occurring. You can think of a risk matrix like the upper right quadrant of a cartesian graph. The x-axis of a risk matrix denotes the likelihood of an occurrence taking place, and the y-axis would denote the ...

2021-02-16T12:15:02-05:00February 23rd, 2021|

The Future of Cybersecurity

The Future of Cybersecurity As any technology-focused business leader knows, we as a society are in what seems to be a constant battle to develop new unique solutions to prevent cybercriminals from gaining access and exploiting an organization’s data. As our global economy adopts new technologies to enhance global business processes, create new technological solutions, and use technology to interact ...

2021-02-16T11:59:18-05:00February 16th, 2021|

Cybersecurity Tools: What you need to know in 2021

Cybersecurity Tools Cybersecurity tools are software solutions, appliance-based solutions, and security strategies that together create an integrated, cohesive data security posture. The right tools can limit cybercrime, the risk of data breaches, malicious user activity, malware, ransomware, phishing attacks, and other modernized threats to today’s technology-focused organizations. Why Do Organizations Need Cybersecurity Tools? Today, modern business is becoming more technology-dependent ...

2021-02-10T16:56:27-05:00February 10th, 2021|

What is a Security Operations Center (SOC)? The Complete Guide

What is a security operations center? A security operations center (SOC) is a team of cybersecurity professionals who monitor networks for cybersecurity threats 24/7/365 while responding to cyberattacks and incidents that occur. A SOC’s information security team’s job is to detect, analyze, and respond to cyberattacks. SOCs manage these security incidents in real-time with security tools, machine learning, monitoring tools, ...

2021-01-19T17:48:29-05:00January 19th, 2021|

Cybersecurity Trends to watch in 2021

Cybersecurity Trends for 2021 As technology continues to rapidly advance, the way many businesses function will be impacted as they adjust to changes such as workflow automation and the cloud. Additionally, malicious actors are gaining more sophisticated techniques to exploit vulnerabilities in cybersecurity. Companies in the 21st century need to adjust to this. Particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic ...

2021-01-12T17:12:40-05:00January 12th, 2021|
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