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Touchstone Security provides top-notch cybersecurity consulting services and risk assessments for businesses in Baltimore and across the U.S. We’ve worked with clients ranging from Goldman Sachs, IBM, Columbia University, and Walt Disney. Our security team is composed of the best in the field – our personnel are military-trained on complex technical projects and bring decades of IT and cybersecurity experience to every client we work with.


Touchstone provides many types of IT consulting services, ranging from risk management, network security assessments, vulnerability scanning, disaster recovery plans, and compliance assessments. We work directly with your IT team in order to provide comprehensive guidance and services tailored to your individual needs. Our Baltimore cybersecurity consulting team can help improve your security posture, reduce downtime, and build out a comprehensive cybersecurity program.


Our highly experienced team of security experts brings a wealth of knowledge and years of experience in cybersecurity to every consulting engagement we take on. We’ve successfully implemented sophisticated IT projects for U.S. government agencies and Fortune 100 companies. Don’t hesitate to contact us immediately if you’ve experienced a breach, or if you need help meeting requirements and formulating a comprehensive cybersecurity program.


Touchstone Is Your Baltimore Cybersecurity Company With Experts Who Can Help With:


Complex Compliance Requirements

Our team can help your business meet demanding requirements such as:

  • HIPAA Security Rule

Incident Response Services

Our Baltimore Incident Response team is ready to help you:

  • Respond to ransomware attacks
  • Mitigate an ongoing attack
  • Recover from a data breach

Security Assessments

Our experienced team can help you with the following:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Vulnerability Assessments
  • Security Policies and Procedures

Touchstone Provides Expert Incident Response Services in Baltimore

Small businesses are a huge target for cyberattacks, precisely because they are small and often lack the resources to build out effective cybersecurity programs. Touchstone enables small businesses to employ best-in-class cybersecurity practices in Baltimore and throughout the U.S.

We have extensive experience in responding to and remediating cybersecurity incidents for companies of all sizes. You can trust the Touchstone team to jump right in and do everything we possibly can to get things back online as quickly as possible. We prioritize first containment of the threat, eradication, and then restoring critical business functions. If you’ve experienced an incident, don’t hesitate to contact us. Seconds, not hours or days, matter when handling a security incident.

Baltimore Risk Management and Assessment Services


A risk assessment might be needed for your organization if you’ve ever asked the following questions: How likely is a security breach and what could go wrong? What are the possible consequences of a security incident, and how can we mitigate IT risk? Do we have a way to identify risks in our IT systems and address them? How might our company’s overall goals be jeopardized by a cyberattack?


Investing in risk management today can save your company many future headaches. With a solid risk management program in place, there’s a good chance to be able to save your organization from organizational, reputational, and financial harm in the event of a security incident. It makes all the difference if you can see a possible threat before it happens and address the potential consequences right away. A comprehensive risk management program enables you to do just that.


Touchstone carries out risk assessments in alignment with industry-standard NIST Special Publication 800-30. Conducting a thorough risk assessment, and thereby identifying areas for improvement, is the first step in creating a risk management program tailored to your company’s needs.

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Touchstone provides scalable, reliable, and cost-effective cybersecurity consulting services to our clients. Our team has deep experience and military training. Our incident response services for U.S.-based companies are carried out in minutes, not days. Our risk assessment and management services are comprehensive and effective, and can help protect your business from operational, financial, and reputational harm.


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