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Now more than ever, a cloud environment is a cornerstone of any successful IT infrastructure. An effective cloud migration improves a company’s scalability and flexibility, significantly mitigates the risk of a devastating cyberattack, and can entail massive returns on investment. These benefits and others are demonstrated by the success stories of organizations that Touchstone Security has worked with.

Touchstone delivers consistent and concrete results. Touchstone’s promise of trust, integrity, and commitment is best illustrated by examples of companies who significantly improved efficiency and cost effectiveness through working with us. The 92nd Street Y (92Y), a nonprofit, cultural and community center in New York City, saw extensive benefits to their organization after Touchstone implemented our standard cloud migration service. 92Y was able to reduce their IT infrastructure cost by 80%. This substantial ROI was made possible through Touchstone’s top-tier migration process, perfected by our team of highly qualified and experienced professionals.


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Furthermore, by migrating to the cloud and automating many services, 92Y found they had to spend far less time managing IT assets. The organization now has the ability to rapidly phase in new technologies, expand, and better adapt to the evolving needs of the communities they serve. They now easily view all of their IT assets, which enables snapshots that can serve as a helpful resource for auditing purposes. Perhaps most importantly, 92Y now has a comprehensive and highly effective security posture to stay ahead of any potential cyberattacks.

A process driven by research, assessment, and communication. Touchstone’s professionally certified Amazon Web Services Solution Architects, DevOps Engineers, and Developers effectively integrate with a company’s team to execute custom goals. When working with 92Y, Touchstone closely assessed the nonprofit’s needs through communication with stakeholders and by conducting an IT infrastructure analysis. Touchstone experts first analyzed the existing IT environment using next generation probing software and held meetings with key stakeholders at 92Y to ascertain best practices to meet the client’s needs. These preliminary research-focused steps enabled Touchstone to accurately tailor our services to 92Y’s business needs and understand their technological landscape. We then customized our core templates to meet the design criteria jointly established by Touchstone and 92Y.

A highly responsive and adaptive method. Touchstone routinely executes cloud migration services that ensure a smooth transition for companies of all sizes. Our fine-tuned cloud migration process consistently yields successful results. This process looks slightly different depending on the individual needs and requests of the company. Throughout the process of working with 92Y, for instance, we dynamically responded to their shifting requests and closely coordinated with their tech team to enact adjustments as needed. We uncovered significant performance issues and rectified these before migration. Based on our recommendations, we implemented a streamlined backup strategy for their Microsoft SQL clusters as well.

We work hard to make sure that we are highly responsive as needs and goals change. During the testing period, various requests were addressed until both parties were ready to move from the staging to production phase.

Smooth implementation and continued support. The cutover from hardware to the cloud for 92Y was scheduled to occur overnight. Experts from both Touchstone and 92Y were present to ensure a smooth migration. When a last-minute request was made for alterations on the night of the cutover, Touchstone effectively accommodated the request. Within an hour, we had implemented a substantial feature upgrade. The deployment continued, and production was rebuilt safely in real time. This was made possible by Touchstone’s professional staff utilizing Amazon Web Services best practices. Three hours later, Touchstone and 92Y had successfully completed the cutover.

Following the successful implementation, a stream of additional requests from 92Y began trickling in. The organization now realized how quickly and efficiently their IT environment could be altered. Wishing to capitalize on the newfound capabilities, they utilized the continued support from Touchstone to upgrade and expand their environment. 92Y even leveraged Touchstone to quickly spin up isolated featured tests using faux environments. For example, a staging environment of ten EC2 instances was spun up by Touchstone and made immediately available.

Touchstone’s long-term commitment to the organization was illustrated by our continuous support and responsiveness to new requests. Touchstone professionals modified existing templates per request, and provided instant updates. Drift analytics provided immediate detection of non-pipeline changes to their environment, which allowed for alterations to be detected and responded to.

Touchstone’s promise of commitment is best exemplified by our successful endeavors and long-term relationships with organizations such as 92Y. Companies we work with trust and depend on our experts to deliver results and respond to requests as they emerge. Our effective migration and automation services provide a new degree of flexibility, security, performance efficiency, and cost optimization for companies of all sizes. Touchstone’s team of experts is always there for our clients to provide dependable service of the highest quality.

Touchstone was amazing to work with! We had some issues with our systems and integration of new programs. We felt that the security of our systems was not up to the best standards. The CEO, Richard Shinnick, personally came over and evaluated our systems. He was able to pinpoint the holes in our systems immediately and fix any potential issues before they ever happened. One of the best IT Firms I have ever worked with. Thank you Touchstone!

Ameen Nassiri, SPS Worldwide LLC

Rich and his team are remarkable. While at Columbia University Teachers College, they helped us plan/implement several large scale projects including ubiquitous wireless deployment and a firewall implementation. Rich has an extensive IT background and is an all around great guy to work with. I recommended that we bring his team in at St. John’s as well. They were able to come in, assess the situation, and provide the same fantastic results. I highly recommend Rich and his team.

Elise Lowenstein, Columbia University

Rich brings solid IT security experience along with immense integrity in the work he has performed for IntegraMed. All of his projects were completed on time and within budget. His track record of delivering reliable concept to reality projects under the pressures of a high availability and heavily compliant environments precedes him. I endorse Rich personally and professionally and look forward to working with him again on future projects.

Vijay Reddy, IntegraMed America

Rich is deeply technical and very thorough, but most of all he is a very honest person. He can make any technical jargon simply to understand in layman terms and help you understand what he is proposing so all know the benefits that is being recommended and implemented. I would work with Richard again on any project initiative that I maybe involved in the future.

Clive Fernando, PNC

We needed a security sharpshooter to assist with responding to the stringent requirements of a major academic healthcare system based on a comprehensive audit of our platform. Touchstone expertly facilitated our response and created the missing programs and policies necessary to satisfy our needs.

Kenny Schiff, Caresight, Inc.

Touchstone Security specialists completely blew away our most experienced and technically strong managers and some of our best people in infrastructure and security. Richard was in their words “a perfect 10.” He not only addressed the issues we asked him to look at but identified other areas of improvement in our security posture. Our team rated them “a perfect 10”!

Michael Ferranti, BuyerGenomics

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Finding a cybersecurity solution that works for your business is tough. Most offerings on the market consist of a set of rebranded tools resold at exorbitant prices. Touchstone Security is different. We will work with you to create a flexible, streamlined cybersecurity program that integrates directly with your business and provides concrete, measurable security. Our team has experience designing, implementing, and managing cybersecurity programs for dozens of Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and businesses around the world.


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