It is almost impossible to have a computer that doesn’t use the “cloud” in some way. The business impact of the cloud cannot be underestimated. Organizations know the value of cloud, but struggle with the risks associated with adoption.

We believe that cloud, done right, is secure. The cloud is comprised of systems, networks, and applications that must be configured and maintained securely by following the “shared responsibility” model.  In the “shared responsibility” model, you are responsible for your part in securing the cloud.   As part of their “shared responsibility”, companies such as Amazon have built their cloud offering from the ground up with security as their number one criteria.

Touchstone provides cloud, network, and system best practice security services based on many standards and frameworks, including NIST, PCI DSS, HIPAA, ISO 27001/27002, and CIS.

Amazon has many compliance certifications including ISO27001, PCI-DSS, AICPA/SOC, and HIPAA. Rob Alexander, CIO of Capital One stated “We worked closely with the Amazon team to develop a security model, which we believe enables us to operate more securely in the public cloud than we can even in our data centers.”

We have invested heavily in our partnership with Amazon Web Services with a hyper-focus on security so that our clients can have the confidence that their data is safe in the cloud.

We leverage cloud technology in the most secure manner possible by applying our deep experience with best practice security methodologies to the full breadth of tools offered by Amazon and key 3rd party providers.

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