Cloud Migration Services Pennsylvania

Touchstone Security provides world-class cloud migration services to businesses in Pennsylvania and throughout the U.S. Cloud migrations can be challenging. You need a team with a built-out plan that has already been successfully executed for many other companies. Our engineers have experience in the U.S. Air Force, NSA, and large enterprise environments. Our experienced team can manage your cloud migration every step of the way, and work closely with your internal teams to ensure a smooth migration.

Migrating to the cloud feels understandably overwhelming for many companies. From concerns regarding cost, stability, maintaining your daily business functions, and security concerns – there are many things to consider. Our tried and tested approach helps alleviate these concerns for companies. Touchstone Security prepares businesses to seamlessly migrate to the cloud, provides comprehensive cloud migration services, and offers optional continued consulting and management services.

Expert Cloud Migration Services Tailored To Your Business

Touchstone has successfully developed and executed hundreds of cloud migration strategies and hybrid environments for organizations of all sizes. Our expert engineers have decades of experience working with Amazon Web Services, Azure, and Microsoft Office 365. We work to develop a custom-tailored strategy for every cloud migration engagement we take on. We are your reliable team of Pennsylvania Cloud Migration experts. Our strategy can reduce cost, maintain business functions, and enhance scalability.

Successful cloud migration can substantially reduce the risk of experiencing a cyber incident that could derail your business operations. Beyond reducing cyber risk, migration to the cloud has the added benefit of providing cost-effective solutions for common issues businesses encounter. Businesses that carry out a successful migration to the cloud, despite the initial headache of undertaking such an endeavor, find that their applications gain a competitive edge with enhanced flexibility, computing power, and more opportunities for growth.

Your Pennsylvania Cloud Migration Experts

We use next-generation probing and mapping technologies to diagram your IT assets and start preparing for each step of your cloud migration. There are a variety of services you can run from the cloud nowadays. Being able to conduct these critical operations from the cloud is the way of the future for businesses. These many cloud-enabled services include:

-IT infrastructure

-Public cloud solutions

-Disaster recovery services

-Office 365 backup

-Secure file sharing and syncing

-Remote data backups

-Business continuity planning

-Remote web applications

-Microsoft Azure consulting

-Microsoft Office 365 migration

-Office 365 support and backup

Migration to the cloud can have a massive positive impact on your company. Cloud migration can entail numerous benefits including a faster time to delivery, more opportunities for innovation and growth, and reduced operational costs. In fact, many organizations that migrate to the cloud report cost savings of 30% or more compared to on-premise solutions. Migrating to the cloud can also minimize the risk of experiencing a cyber attack.

Our cloud migration strategy is built on five key pillars: 1) Optimized Design, 2) Advanced Security, 3) Improved Resiliency, 4) High Availability, and 5) Cost-Effectiveness. Migrating to the cloud can revolutionize your business for the 21st century. If you’d like to learn more, you can request a free, no-pressure consultation with us to explore if cloud migration is the right solution for your organization.

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Cloud computing is the future. If your organization utilizes in-house servers or a traditional data center, it’s time to make the switch to the cloud. Touchstone is here to help make the switch. Our team of cloud migration and managed services experts can quickly and securely streamline your transition to the cloud. Contact Touchstone today for a free cloud migration consultation and quote.