Ransomware Risk Assessment

Regardless of your organization’s size and current level of sophistication of risk protection, a comprehensive risk assessment can provide a lot of value. Furthermore, laws and regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, and GDPR all mandate risk assessments as part of their requirements. For smaller companies, a risk assessment can serve to provide a road map to build a more effective risk mitigation program. For medium-sized and large organizations, risk assessments can help mitigate the increased risk that comes along with being a larger company.

How Can Touchstone Security Help?

We provide world-class IT security, incident response, and help desk support for companies of all sizes across the U.S. For each engagement we take on, we prioritize a security-first approach to risk assessment and response. Touchstone can help your organization navigate a number of cybersecurity needs, including help desk support, ransomware risk assessments, improving your cybersecurity posture, and more general IT Support services.

Our highly experienced and professional team has worked with organizations of all sizes and with different security needs. We’ve successfully carried out complex security projects for organizations such as the NJ Transit Authority, Goldman Sachs, and Disney. Our military-trained team has decades of information technology experience under their belts.


The Basics: What Is A Risk Assessment?

Risk assessments basically serve to identify gaps in organizations’ security postures. After having a thorough risk assessment conducted, you should be better equipped to handle both potential and actual cyber threats. A comprehensive risk assessment is able to pinpoint the flaws in an organization’s security program that could potentially pose a threat to the company and enables you to continuously assess the liklehood and the potential impacts of cyber attacks.


The information provided by a comprehensive risk assessment serves as the core tool in your information security arsenal. If you know where your security vulnerabilities lie, you can take steps to remediate them, stop attacks before they happen, and be better prepared to respond in the event of an incident. If you are unsure if what you’re currently doing would be enough to protect your company from a malicious attack, it’s critical to review your security controls and processes.


Why Do You Need A Risk Assessment?

The industry-standard wisdom, guidance, and regulations strongly suggest or require conducting a comprehensive review of your security posture on an annual basis. Formal tracking, documentation, and reporting of this process are often required. The fact is that the cybersecurity threat landscape is constantly changing as cyber criminals use increasingly sophisticated and hard-to-detect methods to achieve their goals.


If you conduct regular risk assessments, you’ll know exactly where your assets are and what potential vulnerabilities exist. Protecting your proprietary information is crucial, regardless of your organization’s size or industry. If employees continue to use an infected device and the issue goes undetected, for example, compromised data can easily lead to theft, lack of access to your critical assets, a disruption of day-to-day business operations, or other potential risks if left undiscovered.


The three pillars of information security are confidentiality, integrity, and availability. A risk assessment is a critical step in strengthening each of these areas. At Touchstone Security, we base our risk assessment process on the industry-standard regulations and strategies outlined in NIST Special Publications 800-37, 800-30, 800-53, and 800-171.


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A risk assessment can help to identify vulnerabilities, remediate potential gaps in your security posture, and save your business future headaches and security-related costs. Get in touch with us today to speak with a senior-level CISO who can go over your security needs.